Picketts & Pursers

Picketts & Pursers, one of the country’s leading independent jewellery firms, was founded in 1850 by Thomas Pickett.

Managing Director Chris Pickett is the fourth generation of his family involved in the business, for which Rothmans has provided accountancy and payroll services for the past two years.

For the eight previous years, Picketts & Pursers had used a multinational firm which did not have an office based in the area.

“However, it became increasingly important to find a local accountancy firm as we no longer employed an in-house financial director for our business,” Mr Pickett says. “We had employed our previous accountants at considerable cost over the years, but the service we were receiving did not fulfil our requirements. If we had a query, we would often not get a visit for two weeks. We wanted to move to an accountancy firm that would react quickly to any issues that needed dealing with.

After exploring the services offered by a number of accountancy firms in Petersfield, we were impressed with the services and costs offered by Rothmans and particularly by Petersfield office director, Paul New’s understanding of the needs of small businesses.

At Picketts & Pursers, we believe that giving customers a good personal service is vital and this is just what Rothmans provides. We thoroughly enjoy working with Paul and the team and have every confidence in the firm.

Rothmans is always on hand should we need advice. I can also easily and quickly go to the local Rothmans office if there is any taxation, VAT or payroll issue to be dealt with, or they are able to come here.

Recently, they advised us on increasing the efficiency of how we record company minutes and monthly shareholders’ dividends which has been of tremendous help in keeping us compliant and up to date. Our directors and shareholders can now concentrate on everyday business trading, safe in the knowledge that we are able to rely on total back-up for all our financial practices.

Rothmans has made life so easy for our business, from the courteous reception staff to the excellent accountancy services we receive. I would certainly recommend the firm to other businesses.”

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