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Rothmans have helped with their start-up, management and sale of each of my several businesses during the past 18 years.

My current business was launched in 2004 when my business partner and I became one of the first franchise partners of Costa Coffee in the UK.

Costa had launched their franchise model in the same year and there was some uncertainty over how our business would work, as a franchise follows a specific business model which Costa did not yet have in place. We therefore needed help with formulating a business plan to ensure that what we were buying into was a worthwhile, profitable enterprise.

Martin Osborne at Rothmans helped us to draw up a comprehensive five-year plan with the aim of opening five shops within five years. In fact, we opened 22 shops within seven years in the South of England, so exceeded our initial objectives.

We could not have achieved so much in this time without good people around us providing professional advice and Martin’s advice has been instrumental in helping us to succeed.

One of our stores was bought from another franchise partner in Devizes. We were buying a going concern so had to negotiate on price as well as structure the deal accordingly. Rothmans were of great assistance in helping the deal to move forward successfully.

As Rothmans are local, we are able meet up with them frequently and they also have good knowledge of the towns and areas of Southern England where we look to expand.

In past years, Rothmans have also assisted us with obtaining funding from the banks, and they continue to be supportive on a daily basis – they are always available when our finance team have accounts, payroll and administrative queries.

Martin’s advice has been instrumental in helping us to succeed.

Robin Arkle, Managing Director, Premier Coffee

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