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When Terry Woods set up United Business Machine (UBM) in 1988, he had a mission to provide the most efficient and reliable printing and copying equipment and customer service in the office market place. Twenty-one years ago this equipment consisted primarily of photocopiers and printers.

However, with the rapid development of technology, office equipment in the twenty-first century has become considerably more sophisticated and the range of printing and scanning that can be carried out in any company is a far cry from that of the '80s.

As a result, Carshalton-based UBM is a multi-million pound business, offering a wide range of document management, printing, copying, and scanning equipment and is a distributor for leading brand such as Toshiba and Cannon.

UBM's success is due in part to the company's strategy of helping clients cut waste and reduce expenditure, but also to managing director Terry Wood's business development programme. This is a market sector that is highly competitive and where entrepreneurial companies are the most successful. UBM has taken advantage of growth opportunities as they have arisen, including acquisition of several competitor companies, to expand its offering and develop its customer base.

In any fast-moving business, having the back up of a good accounting team is essential and Rothmans office at Sutton has been working alongside Terry for over 15 years.

"Rothman's partner Graham Hindley really is a good, no-nonsense, trusted advisor to me and the business. He's helped in the purchase of the three companies we have bought and I always run through any ideas for the business with him and he gives me honest and valuable advice - which I think is a rare commodity these days," explains Terry Woods. "If he thinks a route I'm suggesting is not the right one, he will explain why and, in hindsight, he's saved me considerable aggravation, time and money over the years."

Graham Hindley has been a partner at Rothmans for 22 years and specialises in advising owner-managed businesses. "I'd call myself a very commercial accountant. I like to be hands on with clients and, because of our considerable experience, can suggest strategies on projects such as the purchase and sale of businesses or raising finance. But the Sutton office is all about team work and a number of our specialists also work with UBM to handle its statutory accounting processes and tax matters."

Tax issues can become complicated in any owner-managed business and Terry uses Rothmans for both his personal and company tax. "Tax has become so complicated now that you do need a firm that is knowledgably and efficient and one which the tax office respects. I have no doubt that Graham and his team handle all my tax issues in the most efficient manner. At UBM we say that we can help businesses save time, money and resources. That's also exactly what Rothmans does for us."

At UBM we say that we can help businesses save time, money and resources. That's also exactly what Rothmans does for us.

Terry Woods, United Business Machine (UBM)

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