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Employer end of year forms

HMRC are reminding employers that in order to avoid penalties they must file the Employer Annual Return (P35 and P14s) online and on time.

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HMRC publish names of deliberate defaulters

For the first time, HMRC have published a list of 'deliberate tax defaulters'.

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National Insurance - £2,000 employment allowance

The Government will introduce an allowance of £2,000 per year for all businesses and charities to be offset against their employer Class 1 NIC liability from April 2014.

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New scheme for tax free childcare

New tax incentives for childcare have been announced.

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Personal allowance up to £10,000 for 2014/15

It has been confirmed in the Budget that the basic personal allowance will be increased.

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Reminder to those with child benefit and higher incomes

HMRC are reminding people with income over £60,000 whose family is still receiving Child Benefit to consider 'opting out' before 28 March.

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