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Are you missing out on your marriage allowance?

Around 3 million couples are failing to claim hundreds of pounds a year in free marriage allowance, according to a new HMRC report.

Since it was set up in April 2015, just over a quarter of the eligible 4.2 million married and civil partner couples have taken up the £432 marriage allowance.

This tax break allows couples to transfer a proportion of their personal allowance (the amount you earn tax-free each tax year) between them, as long as one of you is a non-taxpayer, and the other is a basic 20% rate taxpayer.

The allowance could save couples £212 if they applied last year and £220 if they apply this year. The amount can also be backdated – a potential saving of £432 and you have four years to claim your backdated allowance. For more information and to apply, go to

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