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Changes to the PAYE system

The Revenue is changing the PAYE system; and Real Time Information will affect the small employer.

Rothmans Salisbury would like all employers to know that, whatever their size will need to start submitting Real Time Information (RTI) to HMRC at some point between April and October 2013. You will be told by HMRC when you are to make the change.

Using RTI, you will tell HMRC about tax, NICs and other deductions when or before the payments are made, instead of waiting until after the end of the tax year.

This information will be sent electronically using your payroll software or, as you have fewer than 10 employees, you will be able to use HMRC’s free Basic PAYE tools.

If you have payroll software you will need to check it is up to date and able to process and submit RTI – speak to your software provider if you have any doubts.

If you would rather use HMRC’s free software there will be a new version available to download once you are invited to operate RTI.

In the meantime you should check the information you hold about your employees is correct and in the right format, e.g. full names and not initials.

There is a lot of information on HMRC’s website or you can contact us if you need help.

Changes to the PAYE system