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Economic Seminar

One of HSBC’s senior economic commentators gave businesses across the South an insight into the outlook for Europe’s economic climate and the prospects for UK business going forward.

Liz Martins, from the bank’s Global and European Economic team, works alongside the Chief UK Economist, Simon Wells. She is responsible for forecasting short-term and mediumterm indicators for the UK economy, with a particular specialisation in inflation.

Over 150 people attended the seminar for clients of both Rothmans and HSBC bank, during which she gave us valuable insight to the current economic climate in both the UK and further afield, as well as those factors that will affect future growth, inflation and interest rates.

Andrew Bennett, Rothmans Partner, said: “The seminar provided valuable insight and market intelligence about the challenges and opportunities that UK businesses face and how to stay on top of developments in the marketplace both here and internationally.”

This economic seminar is one of a number of popular events held by Rothmans throughout the year to support businesses in the South, including an expert view of the budget proposals in the spring, and a business leaders lecture from those involved in the top brands in British industry.

Economic Seminar