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Leading economist gives free countdown to Brexit seminar

A leading economist has given a free seminar called ’11 months and counting’ hosted by Rothmans Accountants and HSBC on what the future is likely to hold for businesses in the South as the UK prepares to formally leave the EU in March 2019.

Mark Berrisford-Smith, Head of Economics for HSBC UK Commercial Banking, told businesses that global opportunities and challenges were beginning to emerge, that the current strong exports and continuing drop in unemployment are good news for the UK, and that the fall in inflation is encouraging consumer confidence.

Cyber security expert, Gary Peace, also presented at the seminar. Formerly the Professional Standards and Anti-Corruption Network Investigator for the Metropolitan Police, Gary now runs ESID Consulting, advising businesses on how best to protect their information and prevent data breaches.

Julian Sims, Partner at Rothmans, said, “With significant uncertainty in the markets, Mark’s impartial assessment of the issues that most concern businesses was both timely and valuable, while Gary gave extremely useful pointers on the policies and systems we need to put in place to protect sensitive information and minimise risk.”

One of the delegates from the appreciative audience at the Ageas Bowl, Southampton, said: “It is always helpful to hear from experts and both aspects were very relevant to our business and timely reminders of what we need to do going forward.”

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