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Making The Big Decisions

How owner-managed businesses can achieve their potential

In a major report commissioned by Rothmans, owner-mangers talk about their past, present, and future, and consider the key questions: 

  • Where do they see the next potential for growth, and where would they want the business to be in say five years time?
  • What are the potential barriers which the company might have to address to achieve those aims – the main issues being able to develop the business further. 
  • From their experience, is growth the consequence of setting and following strategy, or does it come from unexpected opportunity?
  • Why is it that some companies, with the potential to get to another level, seem to run out of steam?
  • What would they have done differently, and what advice would they give to their younger self?

The report includes the views of: 

Tony Barnett, Barnbrook Systems
Keith Reilly, Alfatronix
Greg Hughes, Test Link Services
Charlie Avens, Runfold Plastics
Paul Mortlock, Frazert-Nash
Iain Christie, Haste 
Steve James, EXPD International
Nathan Dartmouth, Dartmouth General Contractors
Julian Wilson, Matt Black
Lucy Mould, Telmar CNC