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Privacy for Directors residential addresses is easy from October 2009

The 2006 Companies Act is still being introduced in stages.

In October 2009 provisions come into effect increasing privacy for Directors by allowing the use of a service address on public file at Companies House.

Key Points

1.  Directors who wish to put a service address on the Companies House file will need to submit the notification to Companies House when the change ‘goes live’ in October 2009.

2.  A service address must be an actual physical address at which the Director may be contacted (not a PO Box or DX exchange number).

3.  Directors may use the company’s registered office address as their service address.

4.  Companies will be required to hold records of Directors residential addresses on a secure register.

5.  Residential addresses will only be disclosed by Companies House in limited circumstances to certain authorities and credit reference agencies.

6.  In extreme circumstances existing addresses may be removed from existing records and disclosure to credit reference agencies can be avoided but this is more involved and only available to certain categories of directors.

7.  From October 2009 Company Secretaries will only be required to provide a service address.

8.  From October 2008 shareholder information filed at Companies House for private companies, need not include addresses.

We can help

For further information or advice on how these changes apply to you, please contact one of our team. If you would like assistance with implementing the change please let us know.

We are always available to advise on company law issues so if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.