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BBC Radio listeners put some 'taxing' questions to Rothmans tax partner. Taxation of cryptocurrencies. Inheritance tax (IHT) planning. Leading economist gives free countdown to Brexit seminar. Maxing tax digital for VAT from April 2019. Rothmans Sutton office complete the Tough Mudder Race!

Power In Numbers - Issue #25
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The following news articles are in this issue:

BBC radio listeners put some ‘taxing’ questions to Julian Sims

BBC Radio listeners put some ‘Taxing’ Questions to Rothmans Tax Partner

What’s worrying you in the Tax world? In April, Rothmans Tax Partner joined host Sasha Twining on BBC Radio Solent’s ‘Ask the Expert’ slot to help listeners with their tax and accounting questions. The questions raised covered a wide range of concerns from individuals and business owners, including: Q. I have US royalties from a pop song, I was involved in; can I reclaim the withholding tax deducted in the US? A. You need to deal with the proper paperwork in the country the payment originates and may need to get a Certifica...

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Inheritance Tax (IHT) Planning

IHT is charged on a person's estate when they die and on certain gifts made during their lifetime. The rate of tax on death is 40% and 20% on lifetime chargeable transfers. The first £325,000 is not chargeable. This exemption is known as the nil rate band. Most gifts made more than seven years before death will escape tax. Therefore, if you plan in advance, gifts can be made tax-free. The result can be a substantial tax saving. We give guidance below on some of the main opportunities for minimising the impact of the tax. Estate Pla...

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Making Tax Digital for VAT from April 2019

The regulations bringing into force Making Tax Digital for VAT (MTDfV) are now law, and digital VAT returns will be required from 1 April 2019. MTDfV is the first phase of HMRC’s landmark Making Tax Digital (MTD) regime, which will ultimately require taxpayers to move to a fully digital tax system. Regulations have now been issued which set out the requirements for MTDfV. Under the new rules, businesses with a turnover above the VAT threshold (currently £85,000) must keep digital records for VAT purposes and provide their VAT return in...

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Taxation of Cryptocurrencies

HMRC have so far failed to take a substantive position when it comes to their stance on cryptocurrencies. Their 2014 Brief is particularly vague, commenting that the tax treatment will depend on the activities and the parties involved; and whether any profit or gain is chargeable or any loss is allowable, will be examined on a case-by-case basis.  The approach therefore needs to be considered as follows: Corporation tax: The profits or losses on exchange movements between virtual currencies are taxable in accordance with the general ru...

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Economic Update Seminar

Leading economist gives free countdown to Brexit seminar

A leading economist has given a free seminar called ’11 months and counting’ hosted by Rothmans Accountants and HSBC on what the future is likely to hold for businesses in the South as the UK prepares to formally leave the EU in March 2019. Mark Berrisford-Smith, Head of Economics for HSBC UK Commercial Banking, told businesses that global opportunities and challenges were beginning to emerge, that the current strong exports and continuing drop in unemployment are good news for the UK, and that the fall in inflation is encouraging consum...

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